The Dream

Mom has had a recurring dream for the past couple months, a number of times each week with some variation but the same theme.  In it her father appears and wants her to come with him.  Until her most recent dream, she has not gone with him for various reasons–once because she couldn’t find her shoes.  Last night though, she did go with him to his house.  She went to bed there and then I appeared and woke her up.

The dream is disconcerting to me.  She never dreams about her mother, though they were very close.  She often forgets her mother has died and asks me why “Mother” hasn’t visited her.  But she rarely talks about her “daddy.”

I think dreams can often have meaning, though certainly not always.  I think they can be prophetic (perhaps rarely), a message from God, a confirmation or a visual representation of something going on in a person’s life.  I’ve had the latter.  I do not like to think much about what Mom’s dream may mean.  But if it does mean something, I think it’s obvious.

I will think of it as a reminder that my mother’s days may be short.  I will make the most of every day I have with her.  I will be kind and gentle with her.  I will trust God to take her home in His perfect timing.


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